Sunday, September 26, 2010

Apple: In Order to be Invincible, You have to be “Cool”

Some businesses are successful of necessity; gas stations, grocery stores, factories. Others are successful out of innovation; NASA, the internet. And then there are those businesses that are successful because they are appealing, in a word, they’re “cool”. Apple is one of these companies, it takes simple ideas, ones that every company should be using, and really sticks to them, and in turn, it has built Apple up to be the largest company in the tech universe, and the second largest of all companies in the nation (Manjoo, 1).
The way Apple runs is different than most companies, what with the end-all be-all Steve Jobs as CEO, and the meager two new products a year policy, it’s strange to think they’re the leaders in this field. It makes sense though. Take the iPad for example, back in 2002 Apple was throwing around the idea of a tablet, and it debuted in 2010. That gave them 8 solid years to plan, perfect, and produce one of Apple’s most innovative pieces to date. This is crucial to a company that’s entirety is based on putting out new products. If you take every idea off the drawing board, make the prototype, mass create them, and then sell a whole bunch before actually mulling over the idea and seeing why it’s a necessary product, you’re going to have things that aren’t worth standing behind. When Apple has a new item, it’s exciting, sought-after, and anticipated for weeks prior. That’s because when Apple has a new item, you know that it’s the best Apple has to offer, and it’s going to be pretty darn cool. And the competition? They’ll throw a new one together in a matter of months, whether it works well or not, just to keep up. It may make the numbers of products even, but it’s the quality that matters, the way it runs, the way it allows the user to feel like it was built just for them – that’s the part that you can’t do in a matter of months.
Jobs also knows what he likes – and what he doesn’t. Not only does he have a paid team of researchers who will come up with the latest and greatest, he also uses regular old people who want to submit their idea to the Apple brainstorm. And saying no to these ideas is key. Like with any company, there’s always feedback. The consumer likes this, they hate that, they’ll tell you how to make it better and so on and so on. It’s the seasoned individual, the one who’s been through the different aspects of the market, who’s seen the trends, to know when to say yes to a new idea. Jobs knows that while his product needs to be appealing, it needs to be functional, and combining those seamless – that’s really cool.
Probably the most important part of being successful, both for Apple and for any other company, is pampering your customer. Allowing them to come in and ask any question, directly or non-directly related to the product, is one of Apple’s greatest ploys. When you go into an Apple store and walk out with a free service, or advice, you feel as if you’ve gotten away with something, as though that person’s primary job function is to serve you (which it is). As a consumer, knowing that you have the Apple “Geniuses” at your disposal makes you confident in your purchase. Now if the rest of the nation’s customer service sectors would take note… that would be cool.
In short, Apple is leading the way in Computers, Innovation and in Customer Service. The way they do things is different, and maybe a little unorthodox, but you don’t get to number two in the nation by doing nothing. Maybe the key to success isn’t who has the best product, or who get’s it out the fastest. Maybe the key to success is to look the coolest while doing it.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I call it mini because it makes me think that I'll be done quickly so I can do my homework. Although, there's quite a bit going on, so we'll see!

First, this blog post is dedicated to my newest follower - Courtney Moltzen!! This girl rocks! PS, Court, I am so excited for our next half! Eep!

Moving on, last night, my parents wanted to "talk" to me. My super creepy mom (yes mom, you were being super creepy) calls me on the phone while I'm downstairs and says, "can you come upstairs, we need to talk" I seriously thought a) something bad had happened or b) I was in trouble for something. So I go upstairs and she tells me, "we were thinking, we want to take you to Vegas for your [21st] birthday." WHAT???? :) I am beyond stoked. Given, this isn't til the end of December, but it gives something to look forward to :D

Next order of business: I HATE PHYSICS! It's not that I hate it, hate it, it's just that I'm having such a hard time understanding it. It was seeming a little better Monday, we'll see how today goes.

Lastly (for now, I could go on, but I really gotta get this hw done), I think I may be getting a tattoo soon! I finally broke the news to my mom, I think she knew I wanted one, but I told her that I was serious, and although she's not thrilled, she didn't threaten to chop off my feet (always a good sign, imo).

That's all, for now

til next time

Monday, September 6, 2010

Closet Purge! :)

I am in the process of purging my closet, and I am finding GREAT clothing that either doesn't fit or I just don't wear. If you are interested, please EMAIL me what it is you'd like to know more about. I can be reached at

Feel free to request pictures or measurements!

I will update this as I am uncovering things worth selling from my
closet purge this morning!

Here's what I have so far!
(all items are OBO unless otherwise noted. also, shipping is not
included in price below. It is 5$ via USPS [US only] unless you'd like
to pay for it to be faster/cheaper different carrier etc.)

Hudson Jeans - size 30
Wide leg super light wash trouser jeans. EUC - $110

Hollister Jeans - size 9R
Distressed medium wash flare EUC - $35

Marciano (by Guess) Jeans - size 28
Dark Blue Distressed/frayed EUC - $95

Tempted Hearts (from Khol's) Dressy Top - Size Med (could fit a Small
IMO)adorable black tight top with pretty satin sleeves and a tie-back. It
is a tight top and is best suited for a flat-stomached woman :) EUC -

Bozzolo Top (unk retail store) - size S
Green basic Stretchy tank. Olive Green solid no labels - GUC [due to
being worn practically all of high school] - $5

Candy Rain (from Ross I think) Dressy Top - size M
Zebra tank with Chainlink straps and a black band around waist (not
reccommended for the 'busty') - EUC [worn once!] -$7

Hollister Racer Back Tanks (2) - size M
Two tanks, take one or both. sheer, spaghetti strapped. Has logo
allover in cascading colors. Both shirts are creme/off white, birds on
one are blue and on other are pink. GUC [worn often but no visual
damage] - $16 for both ($8 ea.)

Aeropastale T-Shirt - size S
(runs slightly large IMO, a med would probably be ok)
dull yellow top with ocean scene/ Says logo and "Hermosa Beach, CA" OK
condition - has 2 holes (smaller than a dime) at very bottom of shirt
next to seams - $3.50

Aeropastale T-Shirt - size M(this and the previous shirt are the same size, but have different tag
white T with the words "aero surf festival huntington beach" with pale
green flowers and light blue wave - GUC [no damage, just old] - $6

S.O. (from Khol's) Top - junior's size L (approx. misses' M)
blue short sleeve v-neck top with ties. Pretty lace - looking trim on
the neckline and a band under the chest EUC - $8

ELLE (from Khol's) Shorts - size 8
super thin denim, pretty buttons accentuate hips, very short (not
recommended for larger booties) EUC [worn once then washed and too
short in the booty for me] - $25

Talbots Slacks/Dress Pants (2 pairs) - size 8
These are a bit higher rise, and they have two faux pockets in the
front. Dark brown pair and a tan pair, great slacks! EUC - $30 ea

H&M Shorts (2 pairs) - Size 12
These are adorable roll up shorts in bold colors - creamy yellow and
dark burgandy! They fit me as a size 10, but please request
measurements if you're unsure. Burgandy pair is missing button
closure, but buttons are included, I just don't know how to sew it
back on. Yellow are intact and also come with replacement buttons. Y -
EUC, $15, B - GUC, $10

Aude (from RTC) Leggings - size 3
These are white, with little buttons on the bottom of each leg. I believe these are the meg leggings, these are great, but I'm one of those people who wears leggings as pants and these aren't thick enough for that! GUC [a little bit of pill-ing starting to show up in the crotch, just from general wear] $ 10

Self Esteem (from Khol's) V-neck - Large
Yellow with grey zebra stripes, could fit a medium. EUC - $10

Hollister 3/4 sleeve zip up - large
pretty salmon pink, has track stripes in white down arms and white ties under chest. pockets and hood with bird logo on chest. GUC [starting to pill due to wear] - $18

Hollister 3/4 sleeve hooded shirt - M
Teal and white striped with button v-neck and front pouch pocket. cute layering piece. GUC [pilling and a couple of stray strings in the seams] - $14

Forever 21 Puffy Vest - size M
White, complete with detachable eskimo hood. has pockets and zipper. The banding around the bottom is looking a little off-white, I don't know if it can be cleaned out, but I'm selling it as-is. GUC [see description as to why] - $15

Energie (from Khol's) tank - size S
Blue strappy tank /cami with shelf bra. Has lace banding at bottom. GUC [only because washing has made the printed tag fade] $5

Lux (unk retailer) Menswear Halter Vest - size medium
[although this fits a large as well]
grey knit button up vest can be worn buttoned or open. Has a black
panel in the back with an adjustable panel. Very cute! EUC - $15

Hollister 3/4 top - size medium
[I think this would best fit a small, or a medium with very skinny arms]
grey ribbed shirt, button up v-neck with small logo on chest. EUC - $18

Full Tilt (unk retailer) Longsleeve hoodie shirt - size Large
sheer ribbed grey top - perfect for layering. If you are under 5'2,
could be worn as a tunic. Nice and cozy, you'll want to wear it all
day then sleep in it! EUC - $10

Hollister cropped sweats - size large
slouchy aqua blue sweats with elastic and drawstring waist. Hollister
in patched letters down leg. has palmtree/sunset scene on leg. GUC
[has some pilling all over]- $15

...More to come, check back often

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 11 - and I just realized I did Day 9 twice...

Another picture of you and your friends.

An oldie but goodie :)


Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 10

A picture of something that describes/relates to your life.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 9

Something you’re proud of in the past few days.

I have been feeling very accomplished at work. I feel good at the end of each day :)


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 9

Something you’re proud of in the past few days.
Working hard at my new job - I deserve to be recognized by my strengths and not my mistakes for once.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 8

Short term goals for this month and why?
Well, seeing as this month is nearly over...I'll do September :)

+ impressing my boss enough to bring me on permanently (I'm a temp)
+ finishing the Disney Half Marathon!
+ keeping up with my friends
+ stay on top of my school work
+ keep track of my finances

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 7

A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you.

My mom, the day my daughter was born - the two people who have encouraged me and inspired me to become who I am!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 6

My First Love :)

A picture of you and an ex boyfriend/girlfriend/first love.