Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I call it mini because it makes me think that I'll be done quickly so I can do my homework. Although, there's quite a bit going on, so we'll see!

First, this blog post is dedicated to my newest follower - Courtney Moltzen!! This girl rocks! PS, Court, I am so excited for our next half! Eep!

Moving on, last night, my parents wanted to "talk" to me. My super creepy mom (yes mom, you were being super creepy) calls me on the phone while I'm downstairs and says, "can you come upstairs, we need to talk" I seriously thought a) something bad had happened or b) I was in trouble for something. So I go upstairs and she tells me, "we were thinking, we want to take you to Vegas for your [21st] birthday." WHAT???? :) I am beyond stoked. Given, this isn't til the end of December, but it gives something to look forward to :D

Next order of business: I HATE PHYSICS! It's not that I hate it, hate it, it's just that I'm having such a hard time understanding it. It was seeming a little better Monday, we'll see how today goes.

Lastly (for now, I could go on, but I really gotta get this hw done), I think I may be getting a tattoo soon! I finally broke the news to my mom, I think she knew I wanted one, but I told her that I was serious, and although she's not thrilled, she didn't threaten to chop off my feet (always a good sign, imo).

That's all, for now

til next time


  1. awesome! vegas sounds fun :)
    umm if you get a tattoo please invite me.
    AND lets please hang out

  2. amazing! i can't wait either, it's going to be extra special with the whole inauguration thing! and i feel super special myself, with dedication<3

    that's hilarious about vegas though, i love how when parents have certain tones or say things in certain ways we automatically expect negativity!