Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 1

A Recent Picture of Myself

15 Interesting Facts about ME!

1. I am older than all of my friends in my same graduating class - EXCEPT Katie Butkus, who is 3 days older :)
2. My second toe is massively longer than my big toe, on both feet....think 1 whole inch longer!!
3. 3 of my 4 best friends each have a younger set of twin siblings. One's got two sisters, one's got a sister and a brother, and one's got two brothers!
4. Dominic and I have a stranger number of coincedences, my mom and his dad have Feb. birthdays (and both of our real dad's have the SAME birthday-day). My step-dad and his mom have Mar. b-days. I have two younger siblings, both boys, one's 16, one's 10. He has two younger siblings, both girls, one's 16, one's 11. Both of our dad's (my step) are named "Alan" spelled the same way. Both our moms work in education, and both went to Cal State's. . . lol
5. I'm on a diet
6. I can play almost any instrument 24 hours after being given it
7. I can't sing to save my life
8. I'd rather live somewhere, anywhere, other than California.
9. I am excited for my new job.
10. Kaelyn Faye's name was inspired by Grandma Leonard (Sandra Faye), and Grandma Zerpoli (Tracie Lynn).
11. I completed the 2010 LA Marathon
12. I want to be on a gameshow, so, so badly!
13. I always used to wish that I was in pageants
14. My favorite website/shopping is RTC
15. I am very scared of the dentist!

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