Sunday, November 1, 2009

More RTC - Aude Meg Legging

Now you have to understand, I'm one of those people who advocates spandex-as-pants. I think that with the right body, and the right outfit, it looks super cute. So believe me when I tell you, I prayed about whether or not to buy these spandex, but I am sooo glad I did. :) Plus, they were only 15 bucks, and really, who says no to that?

Aude Meg Legging - Creme $68 $15

These leggings look so soft and comfy, and although I didn't get them for $12.87 (on crazy sale) I think it was worth the extra three bucks, just in case I decide to return them :) Also, they have a cute little shell button detail on the bottom, to make them a little different. This will be my first pair of white leggings, I'll let you know how the see-thruodometer reads ;). If I like these I will definitely buy the lilac ones when they come round again! Till my next purchase! Don't forget to visit and get yourself something nice! :))

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