Friday, October 30, 2009

More RTC - Aude Tanks

On RedTagCrazy, everyone's staple is Aude and LinQ. I'm excited to say that I have now purchased 3 Aude shirts :) See my last RTC blog for my other top, and I got two tanks today :)

To me, tanks are a basic staple that EVERY woman should have in their wardrobe. Not only should they have a tank, but they should have about a BILLION tanks :) Melo-dramatic, me? Never.

All I got today was
Aude Madden Tank $66.00 $13.75

Dandelion & Smoke

The description for this tank on RTC is, "Casual, comfortable and abnormally soft... yep, that pretty much covers it all. This Madden Racerback Tank is so wonderful, you'll find excuses to wear it every single day." I can't wait. :)) More soon, I'm sure :)!


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