Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My RTC Blog

I am so excited for my Red Tag Crazy purchases! I have three! :) & let me tell you, I have already saved over $100! amazing! quick info about all that I have purchased thus far

Zensei Canvas Tote Bag in Navy - $49.99 $15

This bag look just adorable. I have read many reviews about how wonderful it is! I cannot wait to see for myself!

Aude Eddie Ombre V-Neck in Aqua/Grey - $62.99 $12.87

This top I wanted to get in petal/lilac but they were completely out, so I settle for the other color (not pictured). I can't wait to get it, Aude brand is the staple comfy clothing in any star's closet, I saved a TON on this!

Fresh Karat Buttercup headband in Yellow - $16.99 $5

This headband was a whim purchase. It was more of a "I wonder if I'll like it" than a "I have to have this" like the previous two were. I'm pretty sure I'll like it, but for five bucks, I don't feel like I'll lose anything if I don't.

That's all for now, I'll update you all as my shopping cart grows, and I'll let you know how these work out when I receive them!

Like what you see? Want to snag your own items at ridculous prices? 50-80% off can't be beat! Head over to and enter my email in the Promo Code box at checkout for $5 off! Have fun! :)


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