Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Epiphany/Recommittment Blog

While singing gospel songs in the shower this evening (<-- usual), I found myself thinking about what my cousin said to me earlier.
“you are on fire for the Lord tonight :D”

And after thinking about it, I came to the somewhat sad realization that other than during brief moments at church, or chapel, or listening to air1, it’s been a long time since I have been really fired up for the Lord. It’s been a couple of years, actually. And I’m not ok with that.

The past is the past, I can’t go back to high school, or to last year, and in fact, I don’t want to. What I want is to make a change. I want to be fired up for the Lord all the time. Not just at church. Not just at APU. Not just with my Christian friends. I want to be fired up all the time.

So, you ask, why are you posting this? Well my friends, I need help. I can’t do this alone! I’ve spent the last 2ish years living with God, and I want to be living for God. I want to pray, I want to praise, I want to seek, I want to know, and I want to love God. And I need to be surrounded by people (Christian and otherwise) who will support me. I want to be non-judgemental, I want to be faithful, I want to be a servant to the Lord. But, honestly, I don’t even know where to start.

Comments appreciated :)
Suggestions desired :)

Thanks. Goodnight. God Bless!

"Savior, He can move the mountains,
my God is mighty to save, he is mighty to save
Forever, author of salvation
He rose and conquered the grave, Jesus conquered the grave"


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