Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm just too cheery

I got told that today. I really don't think that I am too cheery! I mean, I'm a happy person, but not too much.... hmm. lol. Anyway, I am in a particularly good mood though. So last week I took my midterm for my Luke/Acts class, and I got a 78% on it. And I was kind of bummed, but whatever, right? Wrong. So turns out there was a glitch in the program and I really got an 87% :) so, I'm pretty happy - to say the least.

My family is so important to me. I don't even remember what life was like before Kaelyn, and I remember even less about life before Dominic. It's so wonderful, really it is. I suggest that everyone have a baby, it doesn't matter who you are or how old, just have one. Then, and only then, will you experience true love :) okay, so that's a bad idea, but really, it's great :)

I love flickr. I mentioned that in my blog "Things that make me Happy" but, I wanted to mention it again. Almost every picture that I get, minus the ones of Kaelyn, come from there. :) All of the pictures in this blog entry are flickred as well :)

I always used to wish I had a sister. Random, I know, but growing up that was one thing I always wanted soooo bad! Also, I always wished that I had a twin somewhere out there, that my parents weren't able to take care of or something, and that one day, I'd meet her - just like the Parent Trap! haha, oh my dreams!

Also, when I was younger, I was very ambitious. I wanted to be a farmer by day and a belly dancer by night. Not at all promiscuous, I know :) haha

So, I am addicted to Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I don't know why it has to cost so dang much, but I buy it anyway. My favorites are, Phish Phood, Cinnamon Bun, Imagine Whirled Peace & Americone Dream. :) Mmmmm

Anywho, cramps suck! Can I just say, that being pregnant were some of the best nine months of my life, only because 'Mother Nature' left me the heck alone! Can I always be pregnant? Please?

AHH in exactly 4 hours and 55 minutes (it's 3:05pm) the brand-new season of Big Brother starts!!! Channel 2, 8pm - do it!! :)

Well, that' s all I can think of to write right now. I've rambled quite a bit, sorry! Anyway, off to enjoy the rest of my B&J's and my cramps!

till next time!...xo

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