Sunday, September 27, 2009

* six lbs and counting *

yes, I'm proud, pretty dang proud :)

I'm not very good at keeping with things (see blog - oh, get off your high hobbyhorse) however, I am really proud of myself for being proactive about my health/weight!

yay me!

anyway, so I am pretty much addicted to blog giveaways! They are absolutely insanely addicting! Currently I am pining for these, so deal with the ads, and let me get my extra entries!! :))

The first contest is for GlassesUSA Glasses! These are my fav!!
-this contest is being held at Just for Me...and You

These are the Eisenhower Brown glasses. All of the glasses featured in this give-away are under $30, and that includes the perscription! Fantastic!

Next is a Vintage Printed Chiffon Dress from VaVaVroom Online Fashion Store. Where you can find inexpensive vintage-inspired clothing! My personal favorite is the 3-in-one Tea Dress.

This dress is adorable! It would be great for everyday wear!

This give-away is being held by Just for Me...and You as well!

The next giveaway is for an apron by Flirty Aprons! I love the handmade feel of these aprons, they are chic and versatile! They also have aprons in children's sizes for mommy and me fun!

I love the contrasting patterns in this adorable pink and brown!

This give-away is being held at Just for Me..and You! :))

Thanks for bearing with me all, that's all the giveaways I'm going to blog about right now, as they are the most current ending ones! I'll be blogging more later!!


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