Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kaelyn Has a Tooth! (almost)

oh, it's so exciting! I'm so happy :)) My sweet daughter's first tooth popped out yesterday. It's still flush with the surface of her gums, but it finally broke through, and we can see (and feel!) the top of it. Oh sweet baby Kae! Yesterday was a nice break from the crying and screaming of teething, and today we are already back into it - she has another one just under the surface that I can see :/ pobresita.

Ah well, school is a pain in the butt. I have so many things to do, I don't even know which to do first! *which is why I'm blogging lol*. Anyway, the worst part is, I don't have very many tangible assignments, most everything is studying and preperation, which to me is the worst kind of homework! But at least it's in subjects that I am interested in, for the most part.

I am loving my anatomy class. We got to look at the cadavers today, which was pretty neat, and we are going through tissue types right now. For me, the class is so boring, just memorizing structure, function, what-does-what-where-with-what, yada yada yada..but being in lab and seeing it, and actually realizing, ok, I know where this is taking place and why because I can tell you and show you on my own body - now that's learning.

Well, I know this is pretty short, but I do have a lot of homework, so I really should be going. PS, miss you all! :))

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