Monday, September 14, 2009

I Loooove the way my new titles look!

I just got done changing up all the cute fonts for both this blog, and my etsy store blog. I got all of my fonts, and the instructions how to do it at the coolest site, :))

anyway, Kaelyn's first tooth is just about grown in! It's finally cut the surface of her gums, but it's still flush, but it seems as if the painful part is done! Yay baby Kae! :)) that makes me sooo happy! Any who, I've just been doing homework (lots of it) and making lots of pretty new hairbows! I am really excited for all the new things happening this semester, with school, and etsy, and Kaelyn, and with me and Dominic :) This is looking to be a good year! :))

ps, I miss Facebook! haha


  1. Awesome font! I love the titles. That's really fun. I guess I'll have to check out that website... I really need to redo my main banner and stuff like that...

  2. thanks! the font is called "cry kitty". and it's a very tedious process in order to change it, but once it's done, it's sooo worth it! imo! :) by the way, will you also follow my other blog? it's my etsy blog! thanks elise!