Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day :)

Well, Long story short, very good day :)

Short story long...
I got up nice and early and got myself all prettied up for my first day of classes, and my first day of work :) Anatomy was my only class today, and it was at 715 in the morning...bummer! haha! It wasn't all that bad though, it's going to be a difficult, but fun semester.

Then, I had my first work day! It was great! I love my job :) All I do is work in a nursery, but it's still fun.

Then, I came home and got to squeeze my baby! That was the longest time I had ever been away from her, but she did really well (and so did I).

I've spent the evening playing with baby Kae and doing hw, and now, I'm going to shower, do some more homework, and then watch gLee :)

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