Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First Day of Summer School

And I already wish I hadn't signed up for it. Bleh. At least I know one person (although it's an online class so even that doesn't help me) Whatever. I'm taking Spanish and History....I just need to stop talking about it, it's making me depressed... gah.

Anyway. I am really proud of myself, I have been very productive this week. I know, it's only Tuesday (Wednesday, technically, by 20 minutes), but really, I normally stay in bed until about 1 in the afternoon, and then stay in pj's till it's time to get ready for class. But these last two days I've been up and at-em by 9, and I've been making a point to do my hair and makeup while Kaelyn has her Early Afternoon nap. :) And I feel like it's really made a difference in my mood. I feel more energized, and I feel prettier. And when I feel pretty, I feel happy, and when I'm happy little things like summer school and the fact that Dominic is never home don't seem to make me as unhappy...

Speaking of Dominic, he's applying for a new job :)) yay! He HATES working at Stater Bros. and has for a while, it'll be nice to see him change it up!

Well, I know this is pretty short, but I gotta get to bed, I have loads of homework tomorrow...btw does anyone want to buy a Coach Keychain? It's authentic and brand new, and I'm selling it for $40...let me know :)

till next time...xo.

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