Thursday, May 14, 2009


...I think I work better under pressure. Like honestly. I wait until the last minute to do everything, not just school work either. I don't put gas in my car until the gas light goes on, I only charge my cell phone battery after the phone shuts off from insufficent battery life, and I wait until pain is excurciating before taking medicine. I think it's a bit of a problem, acutally.

Moving on, my dad bought my mom (and the rest of us, really) a Wii Fit. Omgsh, sooo much fun! I started yesterday, and I have worked out twice now! Plus, I was pretty excited when it told me I was a healthy BMI. My favorite part about it is definetly the yoga. I'm pretty good at it already, probably because I've always been pretty flexible. Plus, I just feel so pumped after I do it! Yay for FINALLY working out!

Today Kaelyn and I went to Barnes and Noble. I figured it was hish time she had some picture books for me to read to her! I got her three books, they are all in the "Baby's First" series. I got Bedtime, Farm, and Sounds. They are pretty neat, they're board books with one picture and one word on each page. And Dominic and decided that I would read them to her in Spanish, and he's going to read them to her in Engilsh. :)

Anything else? Oh yes, Mommy and me shopping day - times two! Kaelyn and my mom and I are all going shopping today, at 2, when she's off of work! Yay! And it's for summer clothes for me!! :) Oh, I can't wait! I am trying to find a swimsuit that will cover all my stretch marks...Kaelyn wasn't very gentle on my body. So we shall see! If I get anything good there may be another blog tonight teehee

till next time...xo.

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