Friday, May 8, 2009

Looking to save Money, Honey

These days it seems like everyone is doing everything they can to save money, and me and my babydaddy are no exception. I am know to Dominic's family as the coupon queen, and I have resorted to heading straight for sale racks and clearance bins. And although it seems like I am just being cheap, to be quite honest, I have learned many a thing.

For one, It is cheaper to make 200 diaper wipes than it is to buy 60, UNLESS, you buy them from the dollar store. And yes, I have made my own diaper wipes.

For two, ebay is my new best friend. And it's closest competitor is Overstock Auctions. I bought myself a pair of Chip and Pepper jeans for 15$ eep! And on Overstock I got my mom an authentic Coach keychain, for 10$. Plus, buying used clothing and other items makes the prices even cheaper, and it's enviromentally friendly.

My last money-saving kick? Don't worry about brand names (with household items) window-shine is going to clean just as well as Windex, Super School Glue is going to hold just as well as Elmer's, and so on. It's simple and easy to switch to off brands, especially for things that no one else sees or uses.

I will say though, the place to spend the big bucks is on your clothes....not! I LOVE hollister, however, I can't tell you the last time I paid retail for their stuff. You know, they've got TONS of clearance for their woman's stuff in the men's section! You can get two for one and sometimes three for one on their jeans! Word to the wise - be prepared to buy off-season clothing.

Anyway, that's all this shopaholic has for now..

till next time...xo.

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