Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FAIL blog.


o. about money for school
o. about finding a daycare for Kaelyn
o. about my relationship
o. about getting through this semester
o. about not losing my MIND!

o. a new baby carrier sling
o. new school clothes
o. books for school (that's my task tomorrow >800 f'ing dollars.)
o. teething rings for babykae

o. on summer homework for my organic Chem class
o. on finding a job/maybe
o. on staying sane!
o. on getting organized

o. trying to eat out of a bottle
o. eating baby food 3x a day
o. teething (it's awful)
o. knows how to sit up
o. going to mygym on Tuesdays

x.tomorrow's to-do list
o. APU to buy books/school supplies
o. BHS to pick up hand-me-downs from Jill
o. RES to help mom in her classroom
o. Target to get school shoes for my lab classes (closed-toe only)
o. Zerpoli family friend to pick up more hand-me-downs

LINDSAY, hope your happy :))
better blog later

til next time, xo

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