Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It Seems as if the Days Keep Getting Longer...

Each day I feel like I have more things to do! Although today I'm not going out and about much, I just have quite a bit to accomplish. Like for instance,

x.job interview
x.bath (kae)
x.laundry - mountains of it!
x.&&spending time with babylove

now that I look at that list, it's not all that much, but everything takes about 10x longer with Kaelyn in tow. boo.

I've been having a lot of back-and-forth thoughts lately, mainly concerning whether or not I should go back to school this semester, or if I should wait til spring. It's so hard, because I want to be there for Kaelyn, and I don't want to have to leave her with a sitter or daycare, but at the same time, I NEED to go to school, if I don't go this semester, then I am setting myself back another year in the nursing program. :/ gah, I hate huge decisions like this.

Yesterday I got a card in the mail from the Pastor at CEFC, and it said, the generic, Thanks for coming to our church, and, we hope you'll come again soon, but it also included a Starbucks card, and said, enjoy a coffee on us! That was so nice! I have never seen a church do that before, and I thought it was really neat! Needless to say, I'll be going back there this week :)

til next time, xo.

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