Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So, I'm think a new hair do is in order.

mhhm, It's that time! Here's what I'm thinking

first, I'm dying it this color.

second, these bangs, but side-swept

and finally, this haircut!! :)) I love it :)

ooh I'm so excited!

anywho, I had a fabulous time at My Gym today with Kaelyn. She is such a good exerciser! haha! Speaking of Kaelyn, I put her in her crib this evening, and she was on her back, lengthwise to the crib...I just checked on her and she's on her tummy, widthwise...crazy baby!

Tonight I was watching Food Network Challenge (before Big Brother, of course) and they made the coolest sugar sculpture!

I wish I could find a better picture, but that's all I could find anywhere! Anyway, the contestants had 10 hours to make these sugar skyscrapers, they had to be a replica of a real building, and this one was the Empire state building. They could only use sugar, water and eggs, and it had to have door(s), windows and some time of balcony. Phew, it was intense.

well, that's all for tonight, see you tomorrow!

til next time, xo.

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